Sanitization & Disinfections

Sanitization & Disinfections

Germ control should always be a high priority in any public area.

Waiting rooms, meeting rooms, offices, bathrooms, kitchens and canteens, lifts, sitting areas, communal working areas, shared telephones and keyboards can all be germ-pools.

Proper care and attention is required to ensure the transmission of airborne and surface viruses and bacteria is eliminated or greatly reduced.

We provide a range of products to help in your fight against bacteria and viruses, assisting your infection control procedures, including Coronavirus (COVID-19), MERS, SARS and amongst many others.

Sanitization & Disinfections


Our team is well experienced and always conducts frequent trainings to stay abreast with the latest know-how, technologies, skills and customer service.

The credit is given to all our team at PROTEGER, as they are on the front line tackling life-threatening viruses, battling COVID-19, SARS, MERS and other viruses that threaten us all.

Sanitization & Disinfections


We only use certified and tested products from international accredited bodies. All our products are SFDA approved for public health and safety.

Our suppliers are well known and from international recognized manufacturers.

Sanitization & Disinfections


For all our services and products, we look for and adopt the latest technology equipment that provides efficiency and effectiveness to our clients and staff.

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